The name of the breed, as you might guess, is associated with the island of San Miguel in the Azores, it was settled by the Portuguese, in 1439.

The existence of Azores shepherd dogs was recorded in the early 19th century.

Literature for this breed says that dogs of this breed can be very aggressive. Тhe description says they may be useful as a shepherd dog (especially in a wild herd), but they are potentially dangerous animals.

Today, Azores shepherd dogs are exported to different regions of the world where they are bred as a rare breed.

The Azores Shepherd Dog is a big dog. Height to 80 cm and 35 kg weight.

The head is voluminous. The skull is wide, slightly rounded. The muzzle is shorter than the cranial part of the head.

The nose is wide. Medium size eyes, oval, expressive, dark brown in color. The ears are set high. The shape of the ears is triangular, at the base they are wide, the edges are rounded. Lips tight to jaws. The lower lip is curved. The jaws are very strong.

The neck is muscular, of medium length. The body is strong, with a well-developed chest. The chest is wide. Low and strong back.

The front legs are strong and straight. The paws are oval, the fingers are strong, not too bent. Nails well shaped, strong.

The movements are balanced and flexible. When moving, the dog gently swings the back of the body.

The hair is short, smooth and thick. The skin is thick. Deer color, gray, light yellow, dark yellow. They have white patches on the forehead, on the chest and on the forelegs.

Big, aggressive, working dogs. Azores shepherds need to be well trained at a very young age if they are to be used as pets and can be controlled when there are unknown children or other irritating factors. That’s why many owners of this breed prefer to use mobile grooming service for the needs of their dog instead of visiting grooming spa center.

Like all working dogs, they must be trained and run regularly. The temperature of individual dogs can vary greatly. The suitability of individual dogs for a particular type of work may depend on the quality of training at an early age.

This breed creates a deep bond with its owner, being very gentle, affectionate and receptive, but nonetheless they are aggressive to strangers and other dogs.

When given a good workout, these dogs become the best pets for the family as they are very intelligent and obedient to those they love.